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Wrote about formatting polynomial terms

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......@@ -1866,7 +1866,7 @@ Rule retrieval is done by taking an expression, comparing it against given class
** WORKING Rules [2/9]
** WORKING Rules [3/9]
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......@@ -1935,12 +1935,21 @@ As with numbers, variables are a relatively simple thing to format. If the vari
(format nil "{~A}" (string-downcase var)))))
*** TODO Polynomial Terms
*** DONE Polynomial Terms
CLOSED: [2017-01-19 Thu 20:13]
:CREATED: <2016-06-14 Tue 17:23>
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Polynomial Terms are a specific classification, defined as follows:
- A variable, raised to a numeric power.
- A number, followed by a single variable.
- A number, followed by a variable raised to a numeric power.
These are typeset as a single unit, ensuring readability.
#+Caption: Polynomial Terms
#+Name: stf-polynomial-terms
#+BEGIN_SRC lisp
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