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Added about and

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......@@ -2107,7 +2107,7 @@ As with numbers, variables are a relatively simple thing to format. If the vari
(convert-for-display term))))
** WORKING Converter [0/7]
** WORKING Converter [1/7]
:CREATED: <2016-06-14 Tue 17:18>
:ID: 88d433ad-e381-4747-8a29-2d78bc759fbf
......@@ -2149,13 +2149,14 @@ The ~convert-for-display~ function is the driver for this portion of the applica
(apply rule (ensure-list function))))))
*** TODO And
*** DONE And
CLOSED: [2016-12-09 Fri 15:20]
:CREATED: <2016-06-14 Tue 17:38>
:ID: 733b98a1-90f1-4d13-abe8-cb86a5608aee
Like other rules, this formats a list of other sub-equations, with the symbol $\land$ (~\land~) between each term.
#+Caption: And Operator
#+Name: stf-and-operator
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